Mr Green Online Casino Hooks Up With Bally Technologies

by Grover
Mr Green Online Casino Hooks Up With Bally Technologies

Sweden-based Mr Green, one of the most well-known and leading casino operators and gaming providers in the global casino arena, has acquired Bally Technologies, a Nevada-based gaming operator specialising in land-based casino games.

As an online gaming specialist and the first casino operator to offer its games with in-browser play and no software download requirements, it’s clear why an operator of such as Mr Green would partner with a land-based gaming operator such as Bally Technologies – to transcend one developers land-based creations into the online arena using the other developer’s skills and expertise.

This not only benefits Bally Technologies in that it now gains an online presence and acquires a larger online market for use of its services, but Mr Green also benefits from this acquisition in that it expands it product portfolio with the inclusion of its acquired operator’s favourite games. Put simply, Mr Green members now have use of Bally Technologies games.

The First To Experience

Mr Green Online Casino hooks up with Bally Technologies and now offers online players, in particular Mr Green fans and members, the opportunity to be the first to experience the best and most popular land-based games offered by Bally. Although not at the forefront of the online arena just, Bally Technologies is definitely one of the leaders in the land-based casino sector, with many of its games being popular items for those visiting the casino.

And now that Bally’s offerings are moving to the online world and only being offered by Mr Green online sites, this gives Mr Green the edge over other online gaming leaders. Not only will Mr Green members be the first to experience all of Bally Technologies’ games for the first time, but fans will not be able to experience these offerings at any other Canadian mobile casinos or from any other operator.

A Fitting Partnership Expands Product Portfolios

While Bally Technologies focus mostly on slot machines and Mr Green focuses on other casino games like blackjack, roulette and sports betting, each developer in this hook up will combine one another’s offerings and have their product portfolio instantly expanded, which is great news for those who enjoy games from both brands. Mr Green Online Casino hooks up with Bally Technologies to now offer online players more free play and real money games, more online casino sites, more gaming titles and refreshed and updated versions of old gaming releases.

Experience Creates For High Quality Online Adaptions

With a large team of skilled creatives and developers, as well as industry know-how and only the best technology, Mr Green truly takes Bally Technologies’ land-based games and transforms them into top-notch gaming artworks. Each game is rendered perfectly for online play and they all sport the best in aesthetics, layouts, graphics, sounds and of course, seamlessly smooth gameplay.

Mr Green Online Casino hooks up with Bally Technologies to now create the best in online gaming to be enjoyed by players anywhere, anytime for convenient gaming on the go.

Mr Gamez Launches Online Slots for US Players

by Joakim Gravdal
Mr Gamez Launches Online Slots for US Players

An online casino has taken into account players who live in the United States of America, and has added a selection of games that are accessible to players in that region. The move is in keeping with the casino’s aim at making gaming widely accessible.

Mr Gamez launches online slots for US players, and took into account the various challenges that face gaming in the region. Due to legal reasons, a number of software providers pulled out of the US altogether, which meant that slots that were available previously, as well as new releases, became unavailable.