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Game On The Go

The rapid development in on the go mobile gaming and relevant providers offering players from Australia a multitude of mobile gambling platforms, has led to a surge in popularity amongst Australians opting for mobile play.

With new age features packed into modern smart phones and tablets, players from Australia have the opportunity to experience an immersive mobile gambling game on mobile devices, which incorporate ultra clear displays, touch interfaces and gyro tilt technology.

Here at, the team dissect mobile gambling platforms, providing Aussies with a solid foundation for selecting elite platforms, which are most suited to individual needs and personal gaming style.

Mobile Platforms

Modern mobile devices, with quad core processors, extended storage capability, retina displays and ever improving graphics processing units pack a mega pinch into a tiny device that has almost the same power as traditional computers or laptops.

In today’s age, players from Australia opting for mobile gambling games on the go have a wide variety of smart devices to select from.  Smart phones and tablets have nearly inseparable functionality with the key difference being a bigger display of clearer resolution.

The combination of a touch display and portability has made modern mobile devices more convenient and user friendly. Players in quest of elite mobile gambling platforms at should consider the device and the platform from a holistic standpoint.

Through Browser Play

Opting for mobile gambling games through the browser is quick and easy. Nearly all-mobile devices afford Aussies with this hassle free option.

Players making use of mobile gaming providers through the devices browser do not need to download and install any applications. To launch the mobile version of the URL simply enter the domain name into your devices browser and begin playing almost instantaneously.

Browser playability is akin to the no download version of the online casino on conventional desktop or laptop computers.

Application Play

Nearly all-mobile gambling providers offer Aussies dedicated applications for quick and convenient mobile gaming options.

Mobile applications can be searched and downloaded directly from the relevant devices App Store. In certain instances players may have to request the link from the online casino in order to download the application.

Mobile apps are considered the download version of the casino in a more direct genre of gaming. Players from Australia have access to thousand of apps across Android and IOS that are geared towards individual and general titles.

Downloading and installing the app is easy, safe and reliable. Making use of will provide you with the most appropriate information for selecting the best mobile gambling possibilities.

Operating Systems

The ongoing debate between IOS and Android still raises eyebrows across the board. Players from Australia can rest assured, even though there are key visual and aesthetic differences between the two systems, the functionality of both remain inseparable.

Players opting for Android may experience a wider selection of applications; IOS users may have more refined choices that are specifically designed for the platform.

Making use of Windows or Blackberry devices will afford players with the opportunity to play mobile gambling games. These devices are limited with their selection of apps, yet dedicated mobile websites can still be accessed directly through the devices browser.

The team at realize that all Aussies are individuals and as such, each operating system is a unique choice that matches up to personal preference. All players with access to modern devices will enjoy relatively similar experiences and functionality.

The Mobile Interface

Players making use of modern mobile devices will be thrilled by dynamic interfaces that infuse touch screen capability with aesthetically appealing graphics that are as rich and rewarding, as conventional computer play.

All mobile gambling games featured here at make use of enhanced functionality and features. Players seeking entertaining slots games will find that the display is crystal clear, wagered amounts are customizable and winnings are instantly recognizable.

More advanced players in Australia looking for table games will be delighted by the intimate playing position. Setup in a one to one style of play, table games featured on will provide Aussies with a personal table games experience.

Mobile Is Limited

The mobile markets functionality has been limited across the board, by the most reputable online providers. Players opting for mobile gambling games will need to make use of traditional devices for advanced features.

Most mobile playing platforms have limited functionality in that the software does not allow for depositing methods. With a block on depositing methods and limited variances in certain genres, players seeking casino promotions, such as free rolling tournaments will need to make use of conventional, static URL services or download versions of the casino.


Mobile applications from trustworthy providers are safe and reliable. Advanced encryption technology and Internet protocols make mobile apps one of the most reliable and stable platforms for online play.

Conventional sites may be subject to long and complicated maintenance issues, which can prevent playtime at the most inappropriate times. Mobile apps usually have a team of dedicated professionals overhauling and maintains the application.

Rather than direct maintenance within the domain, developers are able to send out application updates, which fix bugs riddled in the software, allowing for an uninterrupted game play experience.

Mobile Signups

New players from Australia, here at in quest of promotional rewards will be elated to learn of bonus offerings available. New players signing up with mobile gaming providers may qualify for special bonus rewards.

Bonus rewards are given to new players as a welcome token. These welcome tokens provide players with an extra boost in bankroll, which extends the longevity of any session in the casino or on the app.

Welcome bonus rewards are given at the casino’s discretion and players from Australia may be eligible for a match deposit bonus, free tokens or free spins.

Match deposit offers are amongst the most popular types of bonus rewards. These promotions will match your initial deposit or first few deposits with a percentage match up to a coupon amount stated.  Free tokens are far less popular and often very short lived. Free tokens will be a small cash balance reward as a welcome gift, which can be spent on any game in the casino.

Free spins bonus rewards are usually handed out on slots games and the spins received are generally for small token amounts on a predetermined game. These types of rewards allow players to experience the gaming software and experiment with a game before making a real deposit for the first time.


by Joakim Gravdal


The National Basketball Association (NBA) was founded in New York in 1946 and was then known as the Basketball Association of America (BAA).  The NBA is a professional basketball league in the US and has 30 teams.  These 30 teams are franchised and 29 of them are in the US and 1 in Canada.

The NBA is split up into 2 conferences, Western and Eastern, and each conference has 4 divisions.  Each team plays 82 games in a season, out of these 16 will qualify for the play offs, that is 8 teams from each conference.  During the play offs the first team that wins 4 games will go through.  In order to get to the finals the team must win against 3 teams in their own conference.

Types of Bets

There are 3 main bets to select from when betting on the NBA.  The moneyline bet is probably the simplest where bettors bet on the team they believe will win the game.  The points are not the determining factor, the team must just win.

Spread betting is the most popular and common bet.  A spread is the amount of points that a team is giving or receiving.  The NBA odds are usually set with the underdog receiving points and the favourite giving away points.

Totals or under/over bets are determined by the oddsmakers who set a line where the predicted number of points will fall.  It is the combination of all the points that both teams will score and includes overtime.  Bettors must decide and place a wager on whether the score will be less than or more than the line.

Propositions also known as prop bets are wagers placed on things such as which team will win the first points and these bets often carry entertainment value.

Major NBA Events

During the NBA season there are 2 major events that stand out.  The All Star Game takes place half way through the season.  This game is played with All Stars from the Western and Eastern conferences.  Placing bets on the All Star Game has become extremely popular and even events associated with this game are bet on, such as the dunk contest and the 3 point contest.  The main event which receives much attention and bets is the Championship and is the 7 games that the best teams play.

During this event sportsbooks will have a range of prop bets available and may even give out special bonuses.

Betting Tips

Betting on the NBA is easy, but having a strategy and some tips will definitely assist bettors in making a good bet.  The referees of these NBA games can make a difference to how the games are played as well as how they will call a game.  It is also good to keep up to date with any injuries before placing a wager, because knowing that a key player is injured may affect the outcome of a game.

Home court advantage does not play a major role in the NBA betting, but it is something to consider, as some teams will prefer the home court advantage and play a better game.  Having a look at the trends of teams such as has the team had quite a few losses back to back and how did they handle this situation.

Bettors will find that there is no special formula when placing NBA bets, but with some research and practice bettors will find that they are able to make a well-informed wager.

Mybet Sportsbook

by Joakim Gravdal
Mybet Sportsbook

A Review Of Mybet Sportsbook

Mybet Sportsbook is a European based bookmaker focusing its attention on Central European countries, coupled with an intense interest in the German football sports field.

Bought by Mybet Holding SE in 2006, Mybet Sportsbook operates online, punters in Germany also have the option to access the sports book through various land-based establishments scattered across the country.

Punters opting for Mybet Sportsbook should be aware that the bookmaker has no dedicated applications for use with the mobile market. In order to bridge the gap Mybet Sportsbook has adjusted its website contents to allow for a user friendly mobile experience.

Mybet Sportsbook Licensing Information

Mybet Sportsbook functions out of Malta. The company is fully licensed and completely legal with a Schleswig-Holstein gaming license.

Mybet Sportsbook is a trustworthy bookmaker that has been operating with no unlawful hiccups. The bookmaker provides punters from Europe with a reliable sports wagering book that is entertaining and holistic.

Landing On Mybet Sportsbook

Mybet Sportsbook follows a standard online sports book format and approach. Accessible tabs and information delineate proposed gaming sections and sporting events.

Notable colours including blue, gren and white account for the majority of the sites punchy contrast that gives Mybet Sportsbook and edgy appeal.

All the relevant information the site needs to convey is arranged systematically and displayed neatly in windows that provide punters with essential sports betting odds and market on goings relevant to recent betting history and accounts.

Crisp and sharp, hosting a professional interface, Mybet Sportsbook provides players with a nice gesture; Chat, Help and Contact buttons are separately located near the top right of the windowed screen. These functions allow punters to access support swiftly, without having to peruse for a service channel.

Market Strength

Mybet Sportsbook claims most notable market strength in the German football leagues, with a host of thrilling wagering options. The site does offer punters a more diverse spread of sports that are less permeated and under developed.

The lesser sporting markets on Mybet Sportsbook include Soccer, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Alpine Skiing, American Football, Bandy, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Floorball, Futsal, Handball, Rugby, Snooker, Cross Country Skiing, racing betting sites and Volleyball.

The site offers a limited range of live betting options that have vast room for improvement. The live betting and other sporting disciplines offered on Mybet Sportsbook have brilliant growth potential for future sports betting action.

Mybet Sportsbook Promotions

New punters opting for Mybet Sportsbook can expect a 100 % match up to a coupon of 50 credits.

In essence deposit 50 credits and receive an additional 50 bonus credits, increasing playtime and sporting entertainment by double.

Recreational and Market Specific Punters

Mybet Sportsbook with its unique appeal to its unrivalled market strength within the German football league caters to punters who wager on very specific sports bets. This is the ultimate niche market Mybet Sportsbook breaks.

The site only affords a daily prize limit of thirty thousand Euros and a weekly limit of fifty thousand Euros; this makes Mybet Sportsbook perfectly assimilated o punters who dabble in recreational sports betting activities.

Help And Support Facilities

With an email form located on sight, a live chat facility and a F.A.Q section dedicated to punters who have lost their way, Mybet Sportsbook provides quality troubleshooting and customer focused support on a generous scale.


Extra Cash

by Joakim Gravdal
Extra Cash

Extra Cash Online Slots Game

This 5 reel, 50 payline slot that tells a story about the local neighbourhood’s paper delivery boy who wants to make his way to the top and he started to do so by selling as many of these newspapers as possible.

The key aim of the Extra Cash slot is to assist this boy in selling as much papers as possible by helping him scout for hidden symbols in and around his local neighbourhood, and in the process you can make yourself some Extra Cash as well. These hidden symbols vary from a friendly dog, a newspaper stand, additional newspapers, a newspaper trolley, all kinds of numbers and letters as well as a delivery vehicle.

Wild And Scatter Symbols

The Wild symbols of the Extra Cash slot are considered to be very generous, and 2 of these symbols are worth 10 times your stake, 3 Wilds pay out 50 tomes your bet total and 4 of these gets you 500 times your bet. The Extra Wild logo represents the Wild symbol of Extra Cash, and 5 of these Wild ones will add 400 times your stake to the bankroll. The Extra Cash slot also has an extra Wild feature which will randomly add Wild symbols onto the reels during normal play as well as during the free spin bonus feature.

This Extra Wild symbols also comes with the added ability to replace other symbols on the reels to finish winning combinations and turn them into Extra Cash.

The Scatter symbol of the Extra Cash slot is also one of the high payers on the paytable, with 3 Scatters doubling the stake, 3 equals 5 times your stake and 5 of these Scatters will pay out 50 times your bet total.

The Scatter symbols appearing on reel 2 to 4 on an active payline, also activates the respin feature. This feature respins all other symbols excluding the Scatters in the quest for more winning combinations.

The Scatter symbol of the Extra Cash slot comes with multiple features. This symbol also activates the Free Spin Bonus round, and 3, 4 or 5 of these Scatters will activate 8, 12 or 20 free spins, during which the Wild symbols will function as normal.

Slot Symbols

The playing card symbols from 10 to Ace pays out 5 to 150 times the bet amount for a 3 to 5 winning combination. If you can manage to secure a few packs of extra newspapers that your friend can go deliver, you can add 200 times your stake to your bankroll.

Players also have to assist the delivery guy to speed up the process of deliveries and you can do that by discovering 5 delivery trolley symbols worth 200 times your stake, and if you locate 5 newspaper stands, 250 times your pokies online New Zealand bet total will be coming your way.

The beagle puppies is eager to assist the delivery boy in doing his deliveries, and finding 5 of the beagles will earn you 300 times the bet total. The delivery van symbols are vital to allow the delivery boy to succeed in delivering his papers on time, and if 5 of these, a 400 times multiplier is awaiting you.

The Extra Cash slot allows players to access and play this slot on any handheld device, and you can play for real cash of just for fun.

Doubleplay Super Bet

by Joakim Gravdal
Doubleplay Super Bet

Doubleplay Super Bet Online Slot

If you are one of those players that love the element of surprise, but also like to see something familiar in everything new, then the Doubleplay Super Bet might just leave you astounded. NextGen has managed to create a slot that combines the old school one armed bandit slot symbols with new and exciting Wild and Scatter symbols and bonus features, all in one.

Doubleplay Super Bet is a video slot that offers flexible betting options from as little as 1c per payline and the options work their way up to 2 coins per active line. This is a 5 reel, 15 payline slot that has a different feel to it than any other slot that I have come across, with a moving purple background that reminds me of a computer screensaver. Just before the purple background loses its mesmerising effect, once you strike a bonus feature, the background turns blue. This slot also has interesting background music that sets the mood and adds to the fun this slot brings about.

Bonus Features And Paytable Prizes

This slot has 2 keys that open the same lock to the treasure every player seeks. You can win it big on paytable prizes or focus on activating the bonus features of the Doubleplay Super Bet slot. The plum and cherry symbols are the lowest paying of the lot and has a return of 50 coins, lemons and the strawberry symbols will pay out 75 coins. The bells and star symbols has 150 coins on offer and the lucky number sevens will surprise players with a 250 coin payout. The top symbol to land in winning combinations is the diamonds, as they are worth 500 coins.

The Free Spin feature will be triggered when you land 3 or more Free Game Scatter symbols. This slot also allows for this feature to be re-triggered, even if you are already in the no deposit casino  Bonus game.

Doubleplay Super Bet also has 2 multi lever bonus features called Double pay and Super Bet. The Super Bet bonus feature revolves around the Wild symbol and the Double Play feature is all about multipliers.

Scatter And Wild Symbols

The Doubleplay Super Bet Wild symbol has a dual function. This symbol can replace the base symbols of this slot in order to complete winning lines, and multiple Wild symbols also carry their own payout value. If you land several Wild symbols on the same payline you stand a chance to win as much as 500 coins.

The Scatter symbol is not limited to any reels and can appear on any of them. If you land 5 of the Doubleplay Super Bet Scatter symbols, 2500 coins will be added to your bankroll.

Slot Interface

Doubleplay Super Bet comes with an information tab on the face of the slot, allowing players to view the game rules and establish how to play this slot. Please be sure to view the paytable of this slot in order to know what winlines offer what payouts.

Doubleplay Super Bet can either be played for the fun of it, or for real cash, and is supported by all major computer software developers like Mac, Linux and Microsoft.